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Upcoming Website Maintenance

This is just a quick heads up that the website might be down for a while at some point in the near future. The Debian version I'm running on the server is going out of security support shortly so I'm going to have to upgrade it, and the last time I did that for this server it was down for something close to a week due to some unforeseen difficulties. I'm hopeful that this one will go more smoothly, but consider this fair warning. Also, I'm not sure exactly when I'll get around to doing this, so it probably won't be until 2012.

As far as the game is concerned, things have been going pretty well.
If you try the current git version, you should find that bot AI is significantly improved (read: there actually [i]is[/i] some AI now ;-), although I haven't done a lot of testing and the chance of them being able to path successfully on tears is almost nil. The new craters map is best because there's nowhere for them to get stuck, but riverside (and maybe oneway?) should work reasonably well too. To enable bots you need to set the [b]bots[/b] cvar to something > 0 and restart the server if you're already in a game. Once the bot AI is working better I plan to add a server setup screen to make it easier to add bots and select maps for locally hosted games.