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Sound and visual changes

I'm not entirely sure why I keep writing these things since nobody can possibly be reading them right now, but here's an update on the latest changes in Coldest anyway.

The biggest change is that Coldest finally has basic sounds. There's background music from Derek Audette (to which I have made some minor edits which need to be cleared with him), and sound effects for most of the weapons (I haven't been able to find a good free rocket launcher sound - if you know of one please let me know).

I've also done some work on the look of the maps over the past month or so. Riverside is a little grittier looking (read: desaturated. I suddenly understand why games skew that direction so much; my textures blend much better the less saturated they are:-). As a counterpoint to my desaturation of Riverside, I've added some quite colorful flowers to Tears. I had trouble finding other foliage that looked good on the base texture used there, but they work for me. In addition, I did my first non-grass+rock texture set for Oneway. It's now a snowy map and I think it turned out pretty well.

Screenshots of all of these changes are in the eponymous section of the site.