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Server move

Well, Coldest has its own server now. Things were a little rough at first because the VPS that I got for it is perhaps a little underpowered (my old P4 1.6 laptop smokes it in benchmarks), but it's cheap and it gives me a solid (knock on wood) network connection for serving rather than using my not-100% reliable home connection for it. Since I installed the APC PHP extension the site works acceptably fast for me now, so we'll see how it scales (or if it even needs to).

Also, this means the master server has moved to, so you'll need to update your settings if you already had a master entry in your autoexec.cfg from before. Entering "setsave master" into the console should do the trick. The advantage is that now my server will show up in the master server list so I won't have to hard-code the address into the main menu anymore.:-) Also, it shouldn't be necessary to change the master server address in the future (even if I change servers it's just a DNS change on my end) which will save some headaches.

Oh, and I added sound to Coldest recently. Nothing to get excited about just yet, but at least it's there.