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Oops - Updater Broken

Apparently my testing of the updater was not good enough, and when I tried to download the update with all of the new textures, it failed to work properly. Unfortunately this means that in order to properly update everyone will need to download a new copy of the files. There are two bits of good news about this though - first, as part of the texture replacement I significantly cut down on the size of the download files (mostly by removing some old textures that weren't used and in some cases reducing the size or number of textures), and second, I believe it should be sufficient to download the binary-only file if you so desire. Of course, because of the huge number of changes since the last release, the updater is going to have to download almost everything in the full distribution anyway so it's probably worth it to just download that file to begin with, but it's up to you.

Short version of the above: If you already downloaded Coldest and want to update, go download the full version again because I'm an idiot and the updater doesn't work right. Sorry. :-)

Next up is probably another significant change to the netcode to remove some unnecessary threading, which I believe is causing problems right now. It's a bit of a sticky problem and I'm not 100% sure the threading is the only cause, but even if it's not the real issue it's been a headache on more than one occasion so it won't be missed. I also need to get [url=,33.0.html]Tapio's work[/url] integrated and investigate his other suggestions. I think I'll be keeping busy for at least a little while longer. ;-)