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New Menu Look

Some big changes have been made to the look and layout of the menu. First, and probably most importantly, the menu can now be safely reloaded without restarting the entire game, so when you change resolution the GUI isn't the wrong size. It also fixes the problem where all the GUI textures are white (at least for me - the specific symptoms probably vary) on Windows after a resolution change.

Next, I've completely replaced the images used in the main GUI. The old ones were never intended to be final, but I've finally decided on a look that I will probably stick with at least for a while. A screenshot of the main menu is attached to this post.

Finally, I moved the server browser to a separate GUI so that it has a whole page instead of sharing with the main menu. This is mostly a remnant of when I was first writing the GUI code and everything went on the main menu page. Since that hasn't been the case for a long time now this was long overdue.:-)

I continue to work on the actual game as well. The important keys can now be rebound through the settings screen and I've finished texturing the mech model, at least for now. I'm not quite happy with it yet, but it looks ten times better than the old model. Also, I still need to create a new model for the bases since the current one was created what seems like an eternity ago and really looks terrible. The mech needs to be rigged for animation too, but I'm hopeful that since I've done that once before it will go a bit more smoothly this time.

So, plenty still to do, but lots is already done too. It would probably all be done if I were a little better at 3d modelling, but I'm getting there.