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My First Spammers

Despite my complete lack of effort in promoting Coldest so far (I'm not really to that point yet), this site seems to have made it onto the first page of Google's results for "mech combat game" and I've had to ban my first spammers from the forum. Thank you Drupal SEO plugins.:-)

As far as the actual game goes, I'm currently working on the editor so that placing objects on maps doesn't require editing the text files by hand. Terrain will still be created as before (a PNG heightmap), but it should allow for some more visually interesting maps if there is a better way to place props on them. Of course that means I need to get back to Blender and start creating some props...

Update 11/20: Okay, no longer amused by the spammers. Measures have been taken. Apparently a botmaster recently updated to be able to attack basic SMF forums, so I've tightened up the registration process a bit. I think it's actually easier to use than the old SMF CAPTCHA anyway.

Update 11/30: Apparently Google doesn't like me anymore. Coldest now appears on the seventh page of results, which is honestly where it belongs at this point. Still makes me moderately sad though since I was getting something of an ego boost from my site being ranked so highly without any effort whatsoever.:-)