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Master of the (Coldest) Universe

Yeah, I watched He-Man when I was a kid. And I totally had a crush on She-Ra. I mean, her name was Princess Adora so how could I not? :-)

But I digress. The sole purpose of this post is to announce that Coldest now has a master server, although because it's on the same network as the rest of my PC's it won't work for servers that I'm running. It means that any servers being run elsewhere should show up in the server list, which I think is pretty important since it removes the necessity of organizing games ahead of time (somewhat at least).

Also, this mostly concludes the implementation of basic game functionality. I still want to implement spectating and replay recording/playback, but those things are not vital to the game. That probably means it's time to start playtesting. Yay?

Someday I might even tell somebody other than Mega LANners and my AIM contact list about this and then these posts might actually be useful.