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Housewarming Complete

Which means that I should have a little more free time coming up, although there have been a number of unexpected things that have also come up recently so there are no guarantees.

In light of the fact that this is AAA release season in the gaming industry, I'm not going to try to pull people away from the Call of Duties and Battlefields of the world to play a little free indie game. However, if you've been watching the Git repo (does anybody actually do that? ;-), you might have noticed that I've been doing some work with the bots. At the moment it's just extremely simple AI, but I'm hoping to continue working on them so that they make more interesting opponents. That should help get the game in better shape for actual human vs. human play too as I'll be able to find some of the worst imbalances playing against bots.

So in summary, this is mostly just a quick update to let you know that I'm still here and still have plans for the game. I thank everyone following the project for their patience. :-)


Glad to hear!

building works on 64bit arch linux.

I have to run from git root: ./build/coldest

why can the ultra only take 10 tons when it shows 20/80 tons?... adding more stuff disables the spawn button.

Have you seen the wargear models on blendswap lately? At lesat two mechs were added there.

I was thinking about this and I believe I figured out why the Ultra seems to only take 20 tons. You only start with 100 salvage and 80 of it goes to the chassis in that case, so if you add more than 20 tons of equipment it will be over what you have to spend. I probably need to make it more clear why you can't spawn when that happens. The limitation is intentional - if you want the bigger chassis with more armor right away then you'll be very limited in terms of equipment.

Of course, if that was after playing for a while and you had more than 100 tons of salvage...then I don't know. :-)

PS: I only see a gpl text file but no mention of graphics/sound license. The bgmusic for one isn't gpl-compatible if I recall correctly.

I took a look at some open music sites but couldn't find a suitable replacement unfortunately.

Yeah, the music is still the same royalty-free, but not free song. Unfortunately, as you've noticed it's not easy to find music that works well for this game, so I'm not sure whether that is going to be able to change. Even just limiting it to royalty-free was difficult.

A lot of the sound effects probably need to get redone anyway because they're not very good, and I'll see what I can do about free ones.

I updated the source code instructions to mention that it has to be run from the source root.

Not sure about the Ultra thing. Something similar came up in an earlier test, but I was never able to figure out how it could happen. It doesn't reproduce for me so it's hard to debug. I'll keep an eye out for it though.

I need to figure out some performance issues before I start looking for more mech models. Even with the simple ones I have right now it becomes an issue when there are more than a few. I'll keep those in mind though.