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Good News, Everyone!

No, don't run away! It actually is good news! Futurama is coming back!

Okay, that's old news, but I couldn't resist using the title. The good news is two-fold - first, I've come up with a much better solution to my collision detection problems that neither allows you to get stuck to things, nor to fall through the ground under certain circumstances. It's not quite flawless, when walking downhill and hitting a tree, there is some jitter because it has trouble resolving <90 degree angles involving curved surfaces. Ultimately it's a huge improvement in the other 99% of situations, so it's staying.

Secondly, after installing a newer beta of KDevelop 4 I am at least able to use it in a productive manner. The project properties work correctly in this build and I finally figured out the new run configurations, so I can both compile and run (and debug! Whodathunkit?) the game using it. Although there are still problems and occasionally it freaks out when I try to use a feature, I should once again be able to do some serious development with it.

Actually, there's a third bit of good news. After a reboot of the server everything is still working fine so there should be no more site outages for a few years, at least until Lenny goes out of support (knock on wood).:-)

I have one more significant change that I want to make, and then I will be uploading a new version for download. This will be the first available version with automatic updates (which reminds me that I haven't reinstalled the master server yet...) so it should be the last time I need to post individual patches. There will probably be a post in this spot when that build becomes available.