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Bots Have AI Now

The server update went sort of smoothly - the site never went down for a significant period of time, but I did lose access to the server for a while due to some problems with SSH after the update. Everything seems to be working correctly again, but if you find any problems with the site, please report them [url=]in this Trac ticket[/url]. Or just use the forums if you are able (but a site problem might prevent that, hence the ticket).

The bots are coming along nicely and I've made a lot of progress on both the game and the bots thanks to that. The bots still aren't terribly smart, but if you crank up the difficulty they'll still eat you alive. I would love to post a video of a game with bots, but unfortunately the GLC website seems to be out of commission and nothing else that I've tried has worked for me. Fortunately I'm planning to do another release in the near future, so you should be able to try them out for yourself soon. Or you can do it now if you build the Git version.

Once that next release is out and has had time for people to try it, I'm hoping to organize some actual playtesting on the test server. Watch this space for details. I know I've said that before, but this time I really mean it. ;-)