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Bot Builds Available

A bit later than expected perhaps, but bots are now available in the official builds. There were a number of sticky problems that popped up since the last post, and I've fixed most of them. There are a couple of issues that I was not able to track down, but they aren't things I expect most people to run into so hopefully they won't be a problem.

Be aware that although the bots can find their way around on all the maps included, they don't work as well on complex maps. The two maps I recommend with bots are craters and riverside. Bots only use lasers and the Nemesis chassis, but are unusually accurate to compensate, so I don't recommend dueling them with only lasers (but maybe you're better than me ;-).

I want to have this build available for people to test a bit before organizing playtesting, but barring any more major trouble that should be happening sometime in March. I have a vacation scheduled in the middle of the month that might delay things a bit, so we'll see how it goes. Let me know of any problems in the forums. Thanks.