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Abnormal Normals

It turns out that my problems UV-unwrapping my simple wall model were caused by the normals of the faces being very, well, abnormal. Once I fixed that (it had something to do with ctrl-a, although I don't remember exactly what the option I used was - just ctrl-n to recalculate the normals didn't do it for some reason) the unwrapping was much more sane. In fact, the biggest problem I had was that I didn't realize my textures were upside-down from what they are in Blender so when I imported the model into the game it looked very wrong. A quick change to the import script and that was settled. Unfortunately the lighting isn't working correctly either, which may be related to some of the changes I made to the Mesh class while optimizing. Regardless, I'm not expecting it to be difficult to fix and now that I have some idea what I'm doing when it comes to texturing 3d models I can really get to work on some better looking artwork.

Once that is done (and I'm hoping it won't take too long because there isn't that much that [i]needs[/i] to be done, although there's plenty that [i]could[/i] be), I think it will be time to get started beta testing to find the serious gameplay flaws that undoubtedly exist at the moment. The game should be fully playable right now, but I don't want to call it "done" with all the bad programmer art it currently has. I'm hoping to upgrade to passable programmer art first.:-)